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4th of July in Huntington Beach 7-4-12

Happy 4th of July! This year I was in Huntington Beach, at 8pm I headed down to the pier to stake my claim. I wanted to get a spot closer to the pier but there were too many people and I did not want to block their view with my Manfrotto tripod. I brought along my Toking 11-16mm but did not need it because I was so far away from the pier. Instead I used my Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS and shutter remote. After I dialed in the settings I sat down and would press the remote every time I wanted to fire the camera. I thought it would be rude to be moving around to take pictures so all of my photos are from the same place. I was shooting long exposure photos, my shutter speeds where between 6-15 seconds. ISO was 200 and the f stop was around f6.3 depending on shutter speed. Alot of the time you can shoot in AV if you are not comfortable shooting in manual but fireworks are a time when you really need to be shooting in manual. Understanding exposure is a great book to get you comfortable with shooting in manual. Please support the site by clicking on the Amazon banner before you shop and bookmark that link, thanks!








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