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Huntington Beach 7-18-12

There were finally some clouds in the sky so I grabbed my gear and walked down to the Huntington Beach pier. 

I started out shooting with my ultra wide Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. I originally was planning on using some of my filters and my tripod to get long exposure photos but my plan changed when I saw the waves. The surf was up and I wanted to include the surfers in my photos

All of my photos today were taken handheld. Usually I'm tied down to my tripod, it was nice being able to quickly recompose a photo.

I miss my bodyboarding days. I always went early in the morning, it would have been fun to ride during the sunset.

I was about to head home when the sky changed colors. I needed to get on the other side of the pier to catch the light. I had just taken out my tripod and extended it so I walked hurriedly across the beach with my tripod bouncing on the shoulder. I did not have time to put away my tripod and I wanted to shoot these handheld so it was a nuisance but I made due. At this point I switched over to my Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS I thought I may need the extra reach.

In my rush to make it to the other side of the pier I snagged my sandal on some sand and it broke so I abandoned them and kept moving. I also was looking up trying to find my next snap and did not see an incoming wave and my scrubs got wet. The walk home was not fun, no shoes and wet sandy pants. I really should have changed my cloths before heading out.

I really wish I would have framed this one differently. I wish the surfer was on the right side of the frame, it would have gave a better perspective of him walking into the ocean.