Seattle 5-20-13

Vacation time! This time we went to the Pacific North West. We stayed in Seattle and did a overnight trip to Vancover. We had a late afternoon flight to Sea-Tac and arrived in Seattle at 6pm. We quickly caught a cab to our hotel and checked in. Next we looked for a bus to take us to the Queen Anne's district. My phone said the bus would pick us up at corner but there were no signs so I was confused. Luckily the bus came and we got on. Our 1st stop was Kerry Park to get some post card photos of Down Town and the Space Needle. The sun sets really late in Seattle because they are so far north. I shot these photo around 830pm and there was still light out.


We then had dinner nearby. We ate at a wood fired pizza restaurant but the pizza was not good. The crust was so thin the pizza was soggy, on top of that it was overpriced like most restaurants in Seattle. After dinner we walked back to Kerry Park to get some night photos.

We got back on the bus and went back to our hotel that is located next to the Space Needle. The Space Needle is located in the City Center. There is a glass museum, music museum and many other things to do at the City Center. It was now almost midnight so everything was closed. I always travel with my tripod so I was able to get this night photos of the Space Needle.

The sky was a copper color just before it started to rain. It was late and wet so I packed up my gear and walked back to the hotel to get some sleep.