Vancouver 5-22-13

The drive from Seattle to Vancouver takes about 2 hours to get to the boarder and we only had to wait 15 minutes to get though the border crossing. It is a very secnic drive with green tress everywhere. After crossing the border we went straight to the Vancouver Aquarium. I really wanted to see the Beluga whales. Admission is $30 plus $10 to park, a little steep but we had a good time.

This guy was standing up in the front blocking everyone for the entire show. He was recording it on some small camera. It was really neat to see the Beluga whales up close.

The Vancouver aquarium is the best aquarium I have been to, even better than Monterey. There was many outdoor pools and they had shows going ever 30 minutes.

After the aquarium we drove to Kitsilano Beach or "Kits Beach" as the locals call it. There is a nice view of downtown but I still prefer Laguna Beach.

Every you go you have to pay to park. Parking cost $3 a hour. You enter in your license plate number then select the amount of time you want then swipe your card.

While having dinner our waitress recommended a view point up in the local mountains only a 10 minute drive away. As we start up the mountain it starts to rain heavily and a thick fog comes in. I could barely see anything so Anne had to help me turn by using the GPS. We made it to the view point but could not see more than 5 feet ahead. We go to our hotel and check in and get some rest for the next day in Vancouver.