Vancouver 5-23-13

The next morning we head to China Town. It was very disappointing, small, mostly closed and looked dangerous. We walked along the street that parallels China Town and it was like skid row in Los Angles. There were homeless people living outside the store fronts. We got out of here pretty quickly.


After escaping China town without getting stabbed we drove to Stanley Park. It is compared to Central Park in New York. Stanley Park is more rugged and had many hiking trails along with a bike trail that encompasses the entire park. We drove around the perimeter and stopped at many of the view points. Here is a view of downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park.




After having a early dinner in Stanley Park we make our way back to the border. With traffic the 20 mile trip took 2 hours.


After the visiting the waterfall we continue to drive south on the I-5 towards Seattle. I stop to get a coffee at Starbuck just outside of Burlington, WA. As we enter Burlington the free way is shut down and we are diverted on to the only road though the city, this took us over 1 hour to travel the 3 miles though the city. The reason the freeway was closed is because the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River had collapsed and 3 cars went into the river. Luckily there was only minor injuries. The bridge collapsed about 15 minutes before we arrived, good thing I stopped for that coffee. We pull over to check out the downed bridge along with everyone else in the town. There were over 1000 people standing on the side of the river watching the rescue attempts. 2 people were trapped in their car for over an hour before they could be extricated.

After 6 hours we finally arrived back at our hotel in Seattle.