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Victoria Beach 9-9-12

Victoria Beach is a hidden beach located in Laguna Beach, CA. I went on a hot summer Sunday. There were very few people at the beach. I waded in the warm water while I waited for the golden hour.

The sun was still relatively high in the sky but was blocked by a cloud that was providing a nice soft light. I wanted a slow shutter speed to smooth out the water. I was able to get 1/3rd of a second a f22. I was using a 3 stop ND filter combined with a graduated 3 stop soft edge filter. I had the graduated filer turned horizontally shading the sky and water but leaving the tower and sand unaffected. 

I could not decide on my favorite from this view so I will post them all up.

I like the way the water came out on this one. I had to take several photos before I got it how I wanted it.

I squeezed in between a group of rocks to get this one. I wanted to include the rock in the foreground.


I wish I lived here. I straightened the verticals on this photo. The distortion of the ultra wide angle lens was really apparent in the stair case, it looked like it was going to fall over.


After the good light was faded a bunch of other photographers showed up. They looked like a group but were just a bunch of individuals. For some reason all of them set up their tripods and never moved from that spot. It seamed like a waste of time to show up late and only take pictures from one spot. I try and show up early so I can spot where I want to shoot when the light is good.