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Part 1

Photobucket My Yosemite trip started with renting a Buick Lacrosse. The 300 mile drive would not be fun in my loud, hard riding S2000. I stayed at the Best Western in Oakhurst.

Photobucket The drive from Oakhurst to the Yosemite valley is approximately 40 miles of twisting mountain roads. I was able to average 40mph in the Buick, this may have required tailgating slow pokes to get them to move out of the way. At the half way point I pulled over to get my first look of the valley.

Photobucket Just after the half way point you reach a long tunnel that cuts through the mountain. As you exit you can park and enjoy the famous tunnel view of Yosemite valley. To the right is Bridalveil Falls, far in the distance is Half Dome.

Bridalveil Falls was at full capacity due to the large amount of snow fall this winter.

Photobucket Once you enter the valley you come upon Yosemite Falls, the largest waterfall in North America.

This is the lower portion of Yosemite Falls. This is one of the only pictures I was able to snap before the camera and my self were soaked. The spray from the falls is drenching.

The trail to lower Yosemite Falls is only half a mile round trip, the hike to upper Yosemite Falls is a vertical hike up granite switch backs.

Photobucket The sun setting over Half Dome as my first day at Yosemite comes to an end.