dash cam

 I got a new cell phone and did not konw what to do with my old one. I decided I would make it into a dedicated dash camera.

I started out ordering all the parts I needed on Amazon. I ordered this 10 foot Amazon USB cable to supply power to the phone, it is capable of fast charging the battery. I needed a high power charger so I went with the highly rated PowerGen 2.4Amps USb charger. I used a USB power supply so I can easly connect my laptop to the phone to download videos with out having to remove the phone from the car. With this power setup the battery chargers faster than it discharges.

The original battery in the phone is now 3 yrs old and does not hold a charge very long so I ordered a new extended battery. With double the capacity this battery will last weeks in stand by mode.

I decided I wanted to mount the phone inside the passenger side sun visor. After removing it from my car I began stripping it down. I used a knife to separate the 2 halves.  

Gently pry up the mirror. It just snaps out.

Here is the removed mirror and the metal clips that held in the cover on the backside.

Here is the opened sun visor. You can see the 2 metal clips that needed to be removed in order to remove the mirror.

Carefully remove the old fabric and save it for later. I will use this to make a pattern for the new fabric to recover the sun visor.

To make the install easy I purchased a case for my phone on Amazon. I decided I wanted the phone on the left side of the visor. Place the case on the cardboard and make a outline with a marker.

Only cut the top layer of cardboard.

On the backside cut a small opening for the camera lens.

Now place the case into the opening and glue it to the top cardboard. Use a strong thick glue. I forgot to take a photo of this stage so I will have to use this photo.

Remove the A pillar and run the power cable up it.

Here is every thing installed and ready for testing. I am using the Daily Roads Voyager app in the android market, it is a free application. The app has auto start and stop options. It will automatically start recording when the power supply is charging and stop the recording when the power is turned off. You do not have press any thing after you get the app set up.

Close call

I was nearly backed up into. I was able to reverse out of the way just in time. If I would have been hit it would have been really easy for this person to lie and say i rear ended them, good thing I had my dash camera rolling.

I need to go get new fabric to re cover the sun visor. I will be posting those photos when I get them. I will also be posting more info on my setting in the Daily Roads Voyager app.