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The Bride Gias seat is very comfortable and supportive. It has very aggressive bolsters, making getting in and out tricky but provides excellent grip in the turns. This seat sits a little lower than stock with the Bide low max rails and has the ability to adjust the incline of the seat back. The Gias weights about the same as the OEM seat. This seat does not rub on the door panel or the center console. There is a mounting point on the seat rail for your stock seat belt latch so you don't have to use a harness system. Go Tuning supplied the alcantar sun visors and E-brake and shift boot. The ARC shift knob is a titanium countersunk ball style shift knob that is weighted and provides smoother shorter shifts.

I previously had a Recaro pole Position on Bride RO rails with Recaro side mounts. This is a wide comfortable seat for the street. It sits at about the same height as the OEM seat. This seat is almost half the weight as the OEM seat. The leg bolsters are not too aggressive and makes getting in and out of the car easy. This seat does not rub the glove box or the door panel unlike the Recaro SPG.

The problem with the Pole Position in the S2000 is that the seat belt latch gets smashed in between the seat and center console and you cant fit your finger in between the seat and the center console to release the seat belt. You must use your key to release the seat belt. Also some may find this seat sit too up right, I prefer a more reclined driving position.