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Version 2 Type Blitz

After lowering the car on the KW's I ordered a set of gold Volk TE37's but the wait was killing me so I picked up a set of Blitz Type 01's. The lips of the wheels were polished and the faces were powder coated white. The bolts where also polished before rebuilding the rims. The fronts are 17x8+45 and the rears are 17x9+45. As soon as the TE37's came in I had already bought the set of gold CE28's that are on my car now so I sold the TE37's before I ever had a chance to mount them. One day I will pick up another set of TE's they are one of my favorite rims. I also added a replica Mugen lip but it was too low to the ground and it was not long before it became too damaged so I took it off and picked up a Amuse R1 front bumper.