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Version 3 Agro stance

Version three “argo stance” (thanks for the name Johnny) is the theme for this stage of my cars build. The wheels are Volk CE28n's, they are 9.5” in width with a +47 offset front and rear. Continuing the non staggered set up the wheels are wrapped in 255/40/17 Bridgestones. KWv3's lower the car and provide a firm grip on the road. The ride is more firm than stock but still streetable. To take advantage of the non staggered set up my camber is set at -2.5 in the front and -3.5 in the rear.

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An authentic Amuse R1 front bumper improves the looks and aerodynamics and gives a clean yet aggressive look to the front of my S2000. Down force side diffusers add width to the car to match the extra wide wheels.

To make more power and a great sound a K&N FKIP intake opens up air flow into the engine. The hot exhaust gas exits out the back though a Greddy Spectrum Elite Dual Exhaust. The main pipe is 70mm to dual 60mm piping with a power gain of 10.9 hp at 8001rpm and 6.9 lb-ft at 6256rpm.

I get a lot of people asking how I rolled my front fenders. They were not technically rolled they were hammered out and repainted. No metal was added, the lip was just hammered up and out. I still have the OEM fender liners, I just had to trim off a little. After the fenders where done I had to lower the car another 1/2" to eliminate the wheel gap. The rear fenders are rolled, pulled and flared also the bumper tab was relocated. The lip on the rear bumper was also trimmed slightly.